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Our dedicated team is here to work closely with you to seek Happiness in Retirement™. We believe that your retirement should be about enjoying the fruits of your labor – not worrying about changes in investment markets, tax laws, entitlements, or the economy.


The GPS for your Retirement Planning:
One Plan, One Phone Number, One Team. plan, crafted by a synergistic team of professionals, that is the embodiment of your retirement goals – a unique, living document that can protect what you have worked so hard for, to make sure you don’t pay too much in taxes, and that you are invested correctly. A plan that adapts to your life changes, and gives you the best chance to enjoy what matters most to you.

One Phone Number, because you shouldn't have to make multiple calls to figure out your life insurance, your estate plan, your tax preparation and your investments. One number should get you a friendly, familiar voice – not an automated system. We aim to answer all of your retirement questions in a timely fashion.

One team of objective, unbiased retirement planners and industry professionals, because crafting a plan that encapsulates so many areas like tax, investments and insurance needs multiple specialists working together under one roof who are intimately familiar with your situation. At Del-Sette Capital, we work together, holding each other to the highest standard.


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“I spend much of my time listening to and understanding my clients, because you can’t prescribe before you diagnose – that’s why we don’t put a time limit on our meetings. I’ve been an advisor through some of the most challenging investing environments in modern history, so I understand how my clients feel when the inevitable market hiccup happens and they have to draw from their investments to live. Knowing that our investment management is fee based and not commission driven also gives our client’s comfort.”

"I developed a unique retirement planning process called the Happiness in Retirement™ Lifetime Gameplan that is the distillation of years of retirement planning best practices and experience. I encourage you to talk to other advisors, and then come in and let us plan your retirement at no cost or obligation. Call today to have a conversation, and see for yourself if One Plan, One Phone Number, One Team can make a difference for your family."

Bill Del-Sette, CFP®, RIA



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