The Retirement Investment Manager

Our flagship program for the retiree who wishes to delegate their investment management to a seasoned team of professional investment advisors.

It’s perfect for…..


The retiree who is ready to live life on their terms. We’ll take the guess-work out of your investment management and ensure you know
exactly where you stand. We’ll seek manage your portfolio according to an investment strategy which is well balanced to your risk tolerance, goals and safe withdrawal rate.

  • A discussion of the various risks retirees face and why you probably need stock in your retirement portfolio.
  • Implementation of a strategy that can play offense or defense.
  • Management of all portfolios, whether it’s a 401(k) held outside of the firm or a personal investment account.
  • An analysis of your tolerance for investment fluctuation.
  • A recommendation of the Del-Sette Capital Management strategy that’s right for you and what you can expect from us.

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