Del-Sette Capital Values

Optimism – We believe that the only rational way of being is that of an optimist, and this view is expressed in our advocacy for stocks and dividends for people in all phases of life.

Inspiration – We want to inspire our clients to lead the best lives possible.  That's what wealth is for!

Transformation – We seek to transform our client’s view of money from past based to future based.

Internal Locus of Control – By paying attention to what is in our control and not worrying about what isn't in our financial life, we can maximize our wealth and happiness. 

Harmony – Money should be a servant, not a master.  We help our clients achieve harmonious relationships with their money.

Achievement – We believe that the achievement of a meaningful purpose should be the goal of life.  This can be anything from adopting a rescue dog to saving the planet.  Grandiosity is not required.