Local Happiness

Bill Del-Sette |

While it’s great to get away to a far-off location or some exotic vacation, the capital region has much to offer its residents. Look no further than your town or county’s calendar of events for fun and interesting things to do, often free!

“Anybody who thinks money will make you happy, hasn’t got money.”

— David Geffen

Here is a tiny sampling of events in and around the Capital Region:

Schenectady County Summer Night

A night of music, food and fireworks and fun. A good portion of State Street in front of Proctor’s Theater is closed for this event. Lots to do for the kids!

Albany’s Tulip Festival

Tulips, arts and crafts, fine art displays, live music and tons of street food! One of my favorite spring events in the capital region. Celebrating Albany’s Dutch heritage, over 100,000 tulips are in bloom. Don’t forget to attend the Royal Tulip Ball!

Schoharie County Sunshine Fair

In the summer, you can choose from any one of a number of county fairs, such as the Altamont Fair or the Washington County Fair. It doesn’t get much more country than the Sunshine Fair in Cobleskill, NY. Tons of farm animals, music, lawn mower races, tractor pulls and a smash-up derby are all part of the fair. And don’t forget all of that fair food!

Christman’s Sanctuary in Duanesburg

Looking for something a little more Nature oriented? Check out Christman’s Sanctuary – a short walk to a series of beautiful waterfalls in Schenectady County. The main falls is spectacular, but don’t miss the smaller falls that run along the trail. Try to go after a good rain or in the Spring, when the water is really flowing! Also, you can stop at Gibby’s Diner when you’re finished for a great meal.

Here’s a Review

Vroman’s Nose Mountain Hike

Vroman’s Nose offers a beautiful view of the Schoharie Valley. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Albany outside of the town of Middleburgh, but you can make a day of it, visiting Howe’s Cave along the way and stopping at one of the many vegetable stands along the way. When you’re finished, don’t forget to stop at Amy’s Place – one of the best ice cream stands in the capital region.