Learning From Experience

Bill Del-Sette |

“A man who carries a cat by the tail learns somthing he can learn in no other way.”

— Mark Twain

Research indicates that many of the experiences that bring about happiness are universal, and, as such, much of the writing in this blog can apply to people at any life stage. But at age 45, what experience do I have with retirement? Sure, I’ve practiced retirement planning for many years, and I’ve had many conversations about what it’s like to be retired, but I haven’t actually EXPERIENCED retirement. It’s like a guy talking about pregnancy – unless you’ve experienced it firsthand, you’re guessing! I could talk about what it might be like being a soldier, or walking on the moon, but unless I’ve been a soldier or walked on the moon, I don’t truly know what it’s like.

That’s why in the coming weeks, I’m going to talk to the experts. I’ll be asking for help from some of my retired clients and friends about what it’s REALLY like to be retired. What causes you the greatest anxiety in retirement? What is your greatest joy? What do you miss about working full time? I’ll be asking retired people 4 or 5 questions and then posting the interview along with some background (or anonymously) here in this blog. This is a great opportunity for retirees to help others with the transition so we can learn from your experience.

On a different note, hasn’t the weather been spectacular here in the Northeast? Low humidity, sunshine and comfortable temperatures – who could ask for more? Hopefully you are taking some time to savor it, because before you know it, Fall will be here! Have a great weekend.