5 Reasons DCM Helped Sponsor the 2014 Walk for Hospice

Bill Del-Sette |

It may seem odd that a financial planning business with a blog titled Happiness in Retirement would have an article about Hospice.   But in the end only two things are certain, and taxes is the other one. We owe it to our friends and family who have gone before us to live a happy and fulfilling life, and to do otherwise is not what they would have wanted for us.

Matthew and Emily’s Son Liam at the 2014 Walk for Hospice.

In that regard, the team at Del-Sette Capital Management are proud to have helped sponsor the 2014 Walk for Hospice. First and foremost, we walked to honor and remember the lives of friends, family and clients who have passed. We also walked to celebrate life. But in the process of getting involved, we learned more about the organization. Here are five more reasons we are glad to support Hospice:

1. Nobody should be alone when it’s their time to die.

What could be worse than dying alone? Whether at home or in a nursing facility, volunteers will talk to, listen and comfort those without friends or family in their final days. And while it sounds depressing, the volunteers say it’s gratifying to be there for someone in their final days.

2. Hospice isn’t just for the dying.

Anyone who has been or knows a caregiver understands the emotional toll it can take. We may linger, and our family and friends who are surrounding us may need a mental and physical break. Who will be there for them? Hospice volunteers give family members a chance to take care of the things they might otherwise not be able to without help.Hospice also helps the grieving with various programs and publications.

3. Hospice helps kids deal with death.

Imagine losing a parent or sibling at a young age. Hospice has programs for kids who are dealing with the death of a loved one, such as Camp Erin.

4. Hospice can help find a home for a dying person’s beloved pet.

Can you imagine the despair of a dying person who doesn’t know who will take care of their dog or cat when they are gone? Hospice can help find a home.

5. Hospice can help a person fulfill a wish.

Just watch this video to see one of the recent wishes Hospice helped fulfill.Our hats go off to the volunteers who help people in their last days. Thanks also to the people who donated and to the family at DCM: Barbara, and her kids Andrew and Adam; Jennifer, whose husband was busy helping at a pet adoption clinic that day; Matthew, his wife Emily and son Liam; and my wonderful wife Joy.  A very special thanks to Rosie W.

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