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What is Retirement Planning?

Bill Del-Sette’s Definition In the following blog post, I’ll walk you through the first few steps in starting to plan for retirement. Step 1: Determine Your Values Based Goals  “Dreams with a Deadline” Values don’t change with life conditions, and they are the bedrock...

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Del-Sette’s Retirement Planning Definition

We all have our own definition or a preconceived notion of what retirement planning is. However, if we take it a step further and dive deeper into retirement planning it becomes an esoteric topic that can cause confusion for many. My definition of retirement planning...

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The Joys and Financial Challenges of Parenthood

Parenthood can be both wonderfully rewarding and frighteningly challenging. Children give gifts only a parent can understand--from sticky-finger hugs to heartfelt pleas to tag along on Saturday morning errands. You raise them with a clear goal that you secretly dread...

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A New Context For Market Declines

From the beginning of stock market history, market declines have spooked investors.  Instead of being viewed as a temporary sale, declines are often considered scary.  But what if you changed the context in which you viewed declines from something scary and to be...

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What Healthcare Benefits are Available During Retirement?

Health care in retirement is available from many sources. Government programs (such as Medicaid and Medicare) offer numerous health care benefits. However, you may need to purchase supplemental health insurance or Medigap, as well. Most Americans are eligible to begin...

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Building wealth with cash-value life insurance

If you’re like most investors, you’ve had a lot of people try to sell you on the idea of life insurance, haven’t you? So much so that you probably think you’ve heard everything there is to hear on the subject. But have you heard … How to use cash-value life insurance...

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Maximize Social Security

RECONSIDER TAKING SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS... Until You’ve Learned How to Potentially Maximize Them One of the biggest mistakes people can make when planning for retirement is failing to maximize their Social Security benefits. Why is this a mistake? After all, you...

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The Benefits of Tax-Advantaged Savings Vehicles

Taxes can take a big bite out of your total investment returns, so it's helpful to look for tax-advantaged strategies when building a portfolio. But keep in mind that investment decisions shouldn't be driven solely by tax considerations; other factors to consider...

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