Our Values and Vision

Core Purpose

To ensure that our clients can enjoy what matters most to them

To ensure our clients enjoy what matters most to them means, that we strive to make sure our clients have a plan and, that they play the plan. We continually update our skills and knowledge and look for obstacles to specific situations in order to ensure retirement success. We want our clients to know that we understand life happens and when it does, we will have their backs to guide them through important financial decision making. In short, we are a steward for our clients' wealth so they and their loved ones can enjoy life, and retirement to the fullest.

Core Values







A healthy work/life balance is of high importance to us and especially one that includes, harmonious and meaningful relationships.

We believe that growth is vital for our maturity and successes.

We work with optimism and the belief that problems are simply challenges, where our team can prevail.

We accept accountability and believe in holding ourselves to a high standard both interpersonally and professionally. High quality service is what motivates us to go one step further for our clients, every day.



Wealth Plans & Services | About Del-Sette Capital Management

1332 Union Street

The Del-Sette Capital Management office building is located in a historic district in Schenectady, New York. Built in the early 1900's, the building retains most of its Victorian architecture and charm. The first floor is a space designed for our clients and team to discuss, in confidence and comfort, their retirement plan, values and goals.  The second and third floors of our spacious building is where our team collaborates to create your financial road map.  We are a dog friendly office, and chances are you will be met at the front door by two furry friends, Buddy and Daisy.  Our clients are always welcome to bring their dogs as well, and if you let us know in advance, we will be sure to have treats on hand to share.