Why Del-Sette Capital Management? 

I believe that working with a financial planner is one of the most important decisions that you can make, and I'd like the opportunity to share my approach with you over a cup of coffee or via a zoom call.  Over the course of 24 years, I've helped many clients achieve their goals, and most of the clients that started with me are still with me today.  I've created an environment and approach that takes into consideration both the subjective "what matters most" with the objective, technical number crunching and specialized knowledge that retirement and tax planning encompasses. 

Traditional retirement planning has historically been focused on number crunching and a focus on not outliving your money.   Our approach starts with an in-depth discovery of what you would regret not having achieved before you die, and then helping you accomplish these goals, maximizing the enjoyment of your wealth while you are healthy enough to do so.  It's a "leave no regrets" approach to what it means to be financially independent. 

My small team of professionals stand at the service of our clients, and we pride ourselves in our work, and the level at which we "get" our clients, because they are like family.  In this regard, we can only serve so many.  We would rather serve as best we can some people than try to be everything to everybody.   

While my team is not busy with "front stage", client facing activities, we are busy learning and sharpening our skillsets, looking for opportunities that can add value for you and your family.

Common Work-Optional Lifestyle Problems we Help Solve

Do I have enough to live a work optional life?

Do I have a plan that takes into consideration the go-go, slow-go, and no-go retirement years, and am I spending enough of my wealth while I am healthy and able to do so?

Am I invested correctly?

Have I protected what I've worked so hard for?

Have I taken stock of what matters most in my life, and is my retirement plan based on these goals?

Do I let emotion run my investments, and have I made bad decisions with my money because of market volatility?

Am I paying too much in taxes? 

Do I have a legacy plan to ensure my heirs get what I want from my estate when I pass?


Del-Sette Capital Values

A healthy work/life balance is of high importance to us and especially one that includes, harmonious and meaningful relationships.

We believe that growth is vital for our maturity and successes.

We work with optimism and the belief that problems are simply challenges, where our team can prevail.

We accept accountability and believe in holding ourselves to a high standard both interpersonally and professionally. High quality service is what motivates us to go one step further for our clients, every day.



Wealth Plans & Services | About Del-Sette Capital Management

1332 Union Street

The Del-Sette Capital Management office building is located in a historic district in Schenectady, New York. Built in the early 1900's, the building retains most of its Victorian architecture and charm. The first floor is a space designed for our clients and team to discuss, in confidence and comfort, their retirement plan, values and goals.  The second and third floors of our spacious building is where our team collaborates to create your financial road map.  We are a dog friendly office, and chances are you will be met at the front door by two furry friends, Buddy and Daisy.  Our clients are always welcome to bring their dogs as well, and if you let us know in advance, we will be sure to have treats on hand to share.