The services performed by Matthew Mattice as an employee of Del-Sette Capital Management, LLC, and Hermes Wealth Management, LLC, do not create an attorney-client relationship. Neither Del-Sette Capital Management, LLC nor Hermes Wealth Management, LLC, are law firms, and Mr. Mattice does not provide legal services or legal advice on their behalf. The relationship the client has with Del-Sette Capital Management, LLC and Hermes Wealth Management, LLC, does not provide those legal and professional protections that normally exist under an attorney-client relationship, such as the following: (a) privileged communication between an attorney and client; (b) the requirement for an attorney to use a client trust account for safekeeping of fees paid in advance; or (c) prohibitions preventing an attorney from having impermissible relationships with clients, representing other persons with conflicting interests, receiving referral fees from third-party vendors, or prospectively limiting liability for malpractice through a contractual provision in a client agreement.