The Happiness in Retirement Lifetime Game Plan is a powerful suite of tools designed to be a complete financial program for ages 15 to 100. While designed to work together, each module can be utilized independent of the others to focus on a specific aspect of retirement planning. I designed the program based on over 15 years of experience helping retirees achieve their goals.

Our program works best with clients who meet the following criteria:

  • A time horizon of at least three years
  • A willingness to delegate their finances to a team of professionals so they can focus on what matters most to them, be it family, a second act, or a hobby
  • Sufficient trust in us and our advice that they commit to our strategy and ignore all financial advertising and gossip
  • A desire to enjoy life

Our first meeting is an informal conversation about what matters most to you. We will then go over our credentials, values and skillsets to mutually determine if we are a good fit for your situation. We look forward to having a conversation!



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